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STEVEN LARSON is one of the most versatile composer-pianist virtuosos of the 21st-century with an all-encompassing solo and collaborative classical repertoire, and a prolific repertoire of original new age works comprising a bold fusion of classical, new age, and neoclassical styles, combining a bravura virtuoso's freedom with a free spirit of sensitivity and freedom.


In the tradition of the great pianistic improvisors such as Beethoven and Liszt, Steven Larson synthesizes these abilities in live improvisations, which he calls 'Pianotripping,' fueled by modern technology and audience participation in creating dynamic piano-driven cinematic-like scores ranging from 30 to 75 minutes in length.

It is in this spirit combined with the changing artistic landscape wrought by the pandemic that The Chicago Sessions are being conceived as continuing series of live recording sessions presented as mini concerts of Steven Larson and friends filmed in multi-camera HD at Pianoforte Studios and Guarneri Hall in Chicago with new solo piano originals, lieder and opera, chamber music and Pianotripping improv sessions.

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