A work comprising a momumental paradigm shift in the creation of piano technique

With a highly developed specialty of creating extreme virtuosity and an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of piano technique, Steven Larson is a passionate pedagogue and regular consultant to professional pianists from the academic world and the concert stage.


PIANO PLASTICITY, The Revolutionary Path to Pianistic Mastery is a culmination of a lifetime of thoughtful immersion in the intricacies of pianism. While maintaining strong bonds to the past, with special indebtedness to historical innovators in the field such as Carl Czerny, Franz Liszt and Rudolph Ganz, Steven Larson has created a ground-breaking work for the future, with an ingenious multidisciplinary coalescense that integrates the fields of piano technique and neuroplasticity and ???????? (the secret adhesive displine that binds it altogether.

Ballade Nr. 3 - Manolis KalomirisSteven Larson - Live Performance